Andres Palma

CEO and Co-founder

This is Andres Palma, the founder and CEO of Inimble, a company specialized in providing the best remote help by recruiting world-class remote talent to your team.  

Andres is a lawyer who graduated in Venezuela who after succeeding in Maracaibo took the opportunity to continue his journey in the US.  

During this time, he worked at different law firms where he amassed a great amount of accomplishment, including becoming Lead Case Manager at a criminal law and personal injury law firm, where he stumbled upon an unexpected challenge: Local talent was not enough.  

One of his many responsibilities as a case manager was recruiting new talented lawyers, assistants, etc., to the firm, but the problem of finding the right fit was becoming more and more of a headache.  

It was at this point where he tried thinking outside the box and a thought came to his mind: During his time in Venezuela, he met so many talented lawyers, as teachers, classmates and colleagues as well.  

People he knew could fill the roles he currently couldn’t find the right person for locally.  

So, he came up with an idea: He used one of the cases he was working on as a “pilot test” and hired one of his colleagues back in Venezuela to work with him on the case from Venezuela.  

The results? A total success!  

The streamline of work was not only much more efficient but also much more effective and this made him realize how much of a business asset having a remote team is.  

Having specialists working on very specific tasks while saving office space and resources was an obvious upgrade that he was ready to dive in.  

This is when Inimble is born. Although at first only to help other law firms make their work easier and more efficient, soon the word got out.  

The best marketing campaign is good work because then your clients become your biggest sponsors by letting everyone know how much better their work is by using your services.  

This way Inimble quickly became the staple for remote teams for law firms, even reaching clients on the West Coast.   

Now as leaders of the remote work revolution Inimble has expanded its reach into many more industries, like real estate, cold calling, marketing, etc.  

And with only three years in the business so far, this is just the beginning for Andres and Inimble, as they keep growing and evolving, making remote work the new normal.