How It Works

Inimble takes care of all the details in the hiring process

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Our Goal is your Success

We take care every aspect of your staff needs

Free recruitment process

Inimble finds the candidate with the best skills, experience, and personality to fit the job description for no cost.We review resumes, conduct job interviews, and finally select an employee to start working for your organization.

Forget about payroll

Inimble will take care of all the weekly or biweekly payroll. Forget about employee benefits, 401k, healthcare, workers compensation insurance. Inimble does it for you!

No office space needed

Inimble asures that every employee will be available on the phone during working hours. The efficiency of our team of professionals will get you the results of their work as they were present

Only Three Easy Steps

Explore. Design. Create.

1. Recruitment

Inimble finds the qualified English and Spanish professional that fit your needs.

2. Interviews

Inimble schedules online interviews between you and the candidates previously selected.

3. Select the candidate

We hire the candidate that you feel is best to your needs and we set up all the tools  so you can have a more efficient and profitable business.

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