We adapt to your needs

The only way to scale your business is with a great team

legal assistants

Legal Staff

Give an efficiency boost with remote talent to your law firm and watch productivity rise.

transaction coordinator

Office Support

Give your team the helping hand they need with the best office support while also saving physical space. 

web design & development

Web Design

Make your webpage 10X more efficient and functional with remote specialists.

Artificial Inteligence integration

AI Integration

Take your business to the future with the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

Our team can boost your business

We are a passionate about innovation. We learn and adapt to the needs of our clients!

Partners & Clients;Friends

Our clients make the difference in the market

Our clients have scaled their companies and were able to free up funds that were reinvested back into the growth of the business.

At Inimble our main goal is to assure the clients satisfaction, increase their potential and unleash the vision so they can make difference in the market.

Free recruitment process

Inimble finds the candidate with the best skills, experience, and personality to fit the job description for free. We review resumes, conduct job interviews, and finally select an employee to start working for your organization.

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Forget about payroll

Inimble will take care of all the weekly or biweekly payroll. Forget about employee benefits, 401k, healthcare, workers compensation insurance. Inimble does it for you!

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No office space needed

Inimble asures that every employee will be available on the phone during working hours. The efficiency of our team of professionals will get you the results of their work as they were present

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The power of outsourcing your business

“Outsourcing is a key part of the running of our business. Digital businesses are using VA’s, SEO companies, freelancers etc. more and more because it allows you (the business owner) to focus on business growth and profits”

                                                                                       Kane Georgiou
Increased competitiveness
Access to experience and expertise
Reduced costs
Attractive to investors
Increased Performance
Have new and latest technologies working for you
Many hands make light work

Legal Staff

Our team members offer a wide and ever-growing range of services to law firms in multiple different roles as well. Some of the tasks they can cover for you:  

Scheduling meetings and depositions 
Communicating with clients 
Drafting contracts and other legal documents 
Survey interviewer 
Agenda management 

… And many more!  

Office Support

Our Office Support specialists provide essential assistance to any office position with multiple responsibilities. They can take care of administrative tasks for you including maintaining records, data management, and more. Depending on what industry your company works in, they can also provide you with expertise in accounting, finance, paralegal services, information technology, and other fields. 

Some of the tasks they can cover for you:  

Tax preparation
Data Entry
Paralegal services/Legal Interpreter
Medical Assistant/Medical Interpreter

Web Design

Our team members can offer you both backend and frontend expertise ready to take your web to the next level Some of the tasks they can take care for you: 


AI Integration

Our AI Integration specialists offer you the opportunity to perfectly integrate the newest trends of the ever-evolving AI revolution into your team, keeping your business up to date with all the cutting-edge progress of AI. 

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Save more than 50% on employee monthly salary!