Unleashing the full power of your team

Unleashing the full power of your team

Building a team can be difficult for many reasons. Like, for example: Not knowing how well each person is going to fit in with each other or your core values as a company.

There’s just so much that a couple of interviews and a resume can tell you about someone, and after, it takes a leap of faith to believe you got the right person. 

But what if you could eliminate the uncertainty out of the equation? An iron-clad method to make sure that the people you bring are the exact thing you need and will feel seamless.

Think about it like you were building your Avengers-like team (I know, I know, but let me get to the point), with each team member bringing their unique and very special set of skills that when put together with the rest, make a mighty task team that gets everything done efficiently and fast.

Sounds pretty neat, right? Now, most people would say that there’s no such method to being with, so why bother, but I’m here to tell you that is not true.

There is a way to assemble your Avengers team, and I’m here to tell you the very first step to do so.

Imagine your team as a league of superheroes, with each and every one wielding a very special, unique set of powers they bring to the table.

By themselves they’re great, but together they are unstoppable. That kind of dream is attainable if you follow very easy and specific instructions. In fact, it is like a super team handbook, a tool that is scientifically proven and everyone has access to.

That’s exactly what talent optimization is, a very easy and simple way to create your very own system that maximizes both the talent from the team members you already have and the ones who you’re bringing in too.

And what is the first thing you have to do? Well, it all starts by finding out what each team members’ strengths are. This is pretty simple to do: Schedule one-on-one with each team member.

These sessions don’t need to be too prolonged, since they’re just to give a picture of what their strengths and weaknesses are. During these sessions, it is important to celebrate and congratulate them so they can feel more comfortable fully disclosing their skills and their possible pitfalls as well.

Once you have a clear picture of what you’re dealing with everything else just becomes a lot easier.

Now it’s time to share with the whole crew your thoughts. Think of their strengths as dots that need to be connected. Individually, they serve a porpoise, but together is when everything clicks.

First off, focus on the positive: Let them know how much you value them even during moments of hardship, and make them create a solid foundation to where all of them can connect and solidify as a team.

After you recognize their skills and strengths, it’s easier to discuss and approach pitfalls and weaknesses because they’ll be more open to your opinions and contributions. This way you create a culture where people can be honest with each other (always respectfully, of course) so they can always help each other improve, with minimal intervention from you.

Almost as if they solve their problems all together instead of you having to solve everything.  

There are always those team members who take care of the task less flashy or interesting, but their efficiency and commitment keep the balance in the office. These “balancers” also deserve their share of flowers so don’t forget to give it to them!

Celebrate and acknowledge their hard work, and if they share their insights with you, pay attention, and recognize how important their opinions and suggestions are to you, because it is.

Even if they look low-key, everybody likes to be appreciated, so always keep an eye on that.

Embrace your team… And this is just starting!

As important as everything so far it is, it is actually just the start. Because Talent Optimization is much more than just a shortcut to boost your team’s talent and bring in top-level talent.

As useful as all of this is, it’s just a piece of the cake, and the best part of it is still to come…

What to dive deeper into unleashing your team’s potential?

If you want an expert’s guide through each step of talent optimization, with the added personalization of working on specific strategies for your team, just drop by my inbox and I’ll help you achieve your goals.

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