Shining light on the cracks: Why Diagnosis is vital for your business

We’re finally here, at the final stage of our journey discovering each step of talent optimization. We’ve talked a lot about each previous step: designing, hiring, inspiring; and now it’s to shine a light on the last one of them. One that can make the difference between your business not only surviving but thriving like never before and collapsing without knowing why.

Just like in any medical procedure, the diagnosis part tells you what underlying problem your body (and, in this case, your company) might have and what medicine you need to take to heal.

If you think of your company as a human being, you will understand that, just like real people, businesses also need routine check-ups to catch any potential health issue before it’s too late. A smart organization would look to diagnose their teams early on any problem, and while this approach is good, it is often not enough.

Regardless of the diagnosis, there are always gaps between expectations and reality, and companies often turn to diagnosis only as a response to these issues and not as a preemptive measure.

Whether it’s a high turnover ratio or not meeting sales goals, companies tend to take too long before really hammering down on a diagnosis.

Consider it like this: If a diagnosis is an annual physical, then measuring what matters would be having bloodwork done. The same way a doctor orders blood tests to compile all the information necessary, business needs to collect and measure their people data.

While most business will stick to quantifying the most obvious aspects like sales figures, talent optimization goes way further, deeper, and it cuts straight to the root of any issue.

It includes crucial people data like behavioral styles, culture, employee engagement, job performance, etc.

  • Understand the importance of measuring in talent optimization.
  • Identify the three steps of the measure-what-matters activity.
  • Recognize common examples of people data.
  • Choose the right measurement tools for your organization.
  • Determine the appropriate frequency of measurement.

By gathering and analyzing people’s data as rigorously as your business data, you uncover the real root causes of any business problem. There’s simply no quantifiable value to this kind of insight, which allows you to adjust and adapt your strategy or change the way your original plan is executed.

Businesses that collect and analyze people data have shown an increase in productivity and engagement in their workforce. This is because by addressing the root cause of their problems they managed to find much more efficient solutions that greatly benefited their teams and businesses.

Why you need to embrace this revolution now

In conclusion, the diagnose aptitude cannot be underestimated or undervalued, is as vital if not more than any of the previous steps, and the activity of measuring what matters plays a key role in talent optimization.

And it’s not just about addressing the problems that are in front of you, but actively seeking insights to enhance your team’s productivity and well-being. Once the 4-step process is completed, the path in front of you is a lot easier than you originally thought.

But of course, as always, it’s important to remember that while every step sounds great in a vacuum, it is only when they’re all put together that the pictures really make sense. On their own, they’re good and valuable, but it’s when they come together that greatness arises.

Now that we have finished (for now) I need to tell you something: As good as talent optimization is, there’s still something better; do you know what it is?

Pretty simple: it’s talent optimization with expert guidance.

That way you can experience all the benefits of each step and the result while bypassing the common pitfalls people tend to fall into when they’re starting on their own.

That’s what I offer, on top of a very personalized set of strategies to make talent optimization even more efficient.

But of course, it’s your choice. As someone who has been where you are and is now talking about this, I sure would’ve loved it if someone guided me through the whole process, it would’ve saved me so much time.

But that’s it for now. Talent optimization has a lot more to uncover but for today this is all you need to know. Remember to keep updated on this blog as I reveal more and more about this revolution that’s taking the entrepreneur world by storm.

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